Music Program

Music is such an integral part of our culture. The study of music is part of life and should not be left unexplored. Learning music is a great benefit. Music, especially classical, when played at early stages of a child's development will help open gateways of opportunity for advanced learning. This means that exposing your child to classical music may help him become a better math and science student later in life.
At WMS/ Music Studio we blend the best of proven classical pedagogical methods and programs. Following the European tradition and the path of the most respected musical educational institutions we offer private lessons giving a students individual attention and customized lesson plan tailored to the personal rate of progress. Individual, classical instrumental skill training is combined with history and theory study, solfeggio and ear training. Our progressive, high quality, enjoyable music education system is designed and successfully conducted by qualified teachers with many years of teaching experience. This system encourages excellence in music creation and performance. It develops human potential and a life time love of music giving a comprehensive understanding of the language of music. That is very important for further development of any style in music: classical or "modern". Main focus of our curriculum is on The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) and Suzuki curriculum (see more in the section Teaching Methods ).
Why should your child study music?
There are numerous benefits gained by studying music, among which are
At WMS/ Music Studio we apply the best of proven pedagogical methods. Following European tradition and programs of the most respected musical educational institutions we offer private lessons giving students individual attention and customized lesson plans tailored to their personal rate of progress.

The Royal Conservatory of Music New Piano Series
(Grade 1 to Grade 8 Classical Piano Repertoire & Studies)
Suzuki Piano School (1 to 5)
Bastien Piano Basics (Primer A to Level 4)
Alfred Basic Piano (Level A to Level 3)
All books are available through The WMS/ Music Studio.
We are dedicated, using all our knowledge and experience, to providing the highest quality lessons for all our students in order to achieve the best result. Music instruction is the focus of a week of practicing and we strongly recommend that our students practice daily, with a duration appropriate to the level. Practice is not always enjoyable and sometimes a student needs support. We encourage involvement from his/her family.
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