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Preschool & Kindergarten
(age 3 to 6)
Dr. Montessori believed that children have an inner need to "help me do it myself." As preschool children make sense of their world, they are exploring how to participate in everyday activities and explore their relationship with their surroundings. Children are born with what Maria Montessori described as the absorbent mind-the ability to absorb information about their culture and environment without a great deal of effort. At WMS a Montessori education focuses on the natural curiosity and desire for knowledge within each child. Practical life skills are designed to reinforce care of self, for others and their environment. The activities help in the development of hand-eye coordination and concentration. The sensorial materials help children develop cognitive skills through the five senses.
Reading and writing are fostered as children learn the phonetic sounds of the alphabet, decoding and encoding words and letter formation. Through the use of concrete materials children learn basic mathematical concepts. The Kindergarten year at WMS provides an extraordinary opportunity for children to develop leadership skills. Kindergarteners act as positive role models for the younger children, assuming positions of responsibility that further strengthen their own capabilities and self-esteem. They have arrived at the pinnacle of their first phase of human potential.

Our unique daily structure ensures that students receive instruction each day in both of Canada’s official languages. Equal time is given to each language and students thrive in the bilingual environment. This allows them the time and exposure needed to acquire the French skills to succeed in the upper years.

At Westboro Montessori School, we use French in the classroom in order for the children to obtain, process, and construct subject matter information in both the spoken and written form.  The children use French daily for their own personal expression and enjoyment as they interact with their peers. We use various learning strategies to extend the children’s communicative competence.   See more...

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